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Trying To Bring Financial Literacy To Your Classroom?
Our Educator Portal lets you monitor your classroom, access standards-aligned financial literacy materials, deliver in-app quizzes directly to students, and automatically collect grades to deliver personalized feedback.

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Transformational Financial Education
With Rapunzl
Over 75,000 students have already simulated portfolios on Rapunzl and competed in our National Scholarship Competitions. Take the next step with our Portal and start teaching your kids about money.
Get Started In Minutes
Our platform allows teachers to easily upload their classroom and get students started with simulated, real-time trading accounts in less than 5 minutes.

Building a course from our financial literacy resource library is incredibly simple and designed for quick implementation in the classroom
Monitor Student Progress
Track students' portfolio performance, see what stocks they’re buying and selling, and follow engagement in real-time.

Rapunzl's Educator Portal was designed to let teachers take control of financial education in the classroom and measure students’ understanding of finance and investing concepts through in-app assessments.
Leverage Pre-Built Courses
We offer a wide range of financial education courses that range from 3-week activities to 14-week, semester-long programs, tackling subjects from budgeting and saving to investing and financial algebra.

All courses are standards-aligned and designed by experienced financial professionals to ensure that students get a comprehensive and engaging education.
Fully Customizable
If you’ve already taught financial literacy, but want to incorporate a project-based element with simulated portfolios or leverage Rapunzl to track grades, that’s fine too!

Teachers can build their own courses from our resource library, or easily upload their own content, to provide customized solutions to every classroom.
Collect & Track Grades
Teachers can even create customized quiz assessments from our question library that will be administered directly through Rapunzl’s web or mobile platform.

Students will complete these assessments and grades will automatically update with our educator portal, providing an easy way to track class participation and understanding.
Control Your Class Data
Export your classroom grades, course materials, and standards-alignment with the click of a button to make grading easy and transparent for students.

Our platform is designed to provide educators with robust reporting tools to highlight course progression, key learning concepts, and relevancy to financial education standards.
Want More Information?
We'd love to share details about our Financial Literacy Educator Portal, including a presentation that explains our Portal's functionality and an introductory video outlining features to help bring finance to life in your classroom.

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