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Brand Visibility
We are able to work closely with partner firms and provide in-app logo placement for sponsored competitions designed to reach a specific audience. These sponsorships provide unparalleled access to Rapunzl’s core community.

These competitions are entirely customizable and may even be hosted through our non-profit educational partner, Dreams For Kids, if they are dedicated towards serving students from underserved communities.
Social Impact
At Rapunzl, we believe that everyone deserves access to financial markets. Partners can support specific competitions for underserved students through direct contributions to our 501(c)3 partner Dreams For Kids.

These contributions help inspire students across the country to better understand their personal finances and to become invested in their financial health. We are helping to create new shareholders through national education programs and always are eager to work with new organizations.
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Virtual & In-Person Classes
Our instructors leverage Rapunzl’s financial literacy curriculum and integrated mobile app to increase student engagement and improve classroom retention.

We have hosted over 500 classes with thousands of students across the country, ranging from the basics of a stock to complex topics that include retirement planning, portfolio management, and how to read a company’s 10k.
Account Acquisitions
Rapunzl is able to partner with exchanges, broker dealers and investor services in order to provide enhanced learning and investing experiences to Rapunzl’s community.

Our community is eager to learn the in’s and out’s of trading and are passionate about investing. This provides compelling marketing opportunities which leverage Rapunzl as an educational channel to increase account openings and address customer acquisition goals.
Workforce Development
Rapunzl offers a full suite of digital educational resources that cover various concepts related to finance that have been implemented in workforce training programs with Fortune 500 companies.

Our bespoke programs demystify aspects of retirement planning and highlight the importance of individual retirement accounts. Simply put, we don’t teach money in school, which is why many employees benefit from opportunities to improve their financial health.
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Interested in working together? Send us a message and we'd be happy to see how your partnership request aligns with Rapunzl's roadmap. Please keep in mind that Rapunzl does not work with any partners offering products that could be conceived as predatory to our community.
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