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100 Weekly Coins
Tired of waiting to earn a few coins each week? Earn coins every Monday when the markets open & receive a 20% discount on additional coin bundles.
Unlimited Trading
Stop with the trade limits. Unlock Stop & Limit orders to manage your risk on the fly. Rapunzl Gold allows you to place 25 trades per hour, 200 trades per day, and up to 10 open orders.
Multiple Portfolios
Manage up to 5 portfolios for different stragies, risk profiles, and diviersification techniques. Link your live brokerage account (or create one in the app) & simulate strategies before deploying them for real.
Investing Groups
Create groups public & private groups and invite friends to create your own fantasy stock league where you can collaborate & compete.
Technical Indicators
Unlock candlestick, bar and OHLC charts with over 20 technical indicators that help provide advanced insight with leading & lagging indicators.
For only $9...
Rapunzl Gold unlocks your trading potential with professional trading tools, award-winning education resources & community-sourced sentiment data.
Design Automated Trading Strategies With Zero Coding Experience
Link Your Live Brokerage Account & Increase Your Returns, Risk-Free
Unlock Advanced Sentiment Analysis To Gain An Edge In Competitions
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