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For Educators
We Believe...
You shouldn’t have to pay money, to learn about money.
That’s why we curated a financial literacy curriculum which integrates Rapunzl’s mobile app in order to increase student engagement & retention. Oh, and there’s scholarships too.
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Investor Resources
We have curated a 10 Module Curriculum which exposes future investors to an array of investing & broader financial literacy concepts. These concepts include Credit & Debt Management, Investing In Alternative Assets, ESG & Social Investing, and much more!

In order to get the most out of our curriculum, we recommend downloading the Rapunzl App, available for free on iOS & Android.

For guidance on adopting our curriculum in the classroom, contact us.
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Oh, did we forget to mention…
We’re offering $50,000
in scholarship prizes
for the 2021-2022
Academic Year!
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We Care About Students’ Data Privacy
Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) personal student information including but not limited to a student’s Full Name, Birthdate, School Attended, Email address will remain confidential and protected by Rapunzl. Rapunzl does not collect information pertaining to a student’s location beyond asking the school a student attends. Under FERPA parents and eligible students (aged 18 and over) shall be able to access the student’s records upon request to Rapunzl. Rapunzl may collect aggregate sentiment data related to user activity for internal purposes to better understand the patterns of our student users for the purpose of creating more tailored educational experiences.
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Rapunzl’s analyst team combs through 1,000s of news stories to deliver a breakdown of what’s happening in financial markets and what’s happening next week.

We also breakdown the basics of investing, what it means to own a stock, and provide information on everything to help prepare you as a trader & investor.

Check out the Rapunzl Blog today to get started learning and gain a leg up on the competition!
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