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Changing The Future
Face of Finance

Dreams For Kids engages students with simulated investing competitions & digital financial literacy curriculum.

Our Summer Program
For Educators
We empower the next generation of investors.
Dreams For Kids is a 501(c)3 program which prepares high school and college students of color to thrive in financial services careers with engaging investment simulator & financial literacy curriculum.
We provide equitable access through teacher training programs & quality education tools. This combination helps demystify financial concepts & spark curiosity to learn how financial markets can be harnessed to build generational wealth..
Students apply key investing concepts while managing a simulated stock portfolio and develop professional skills through internships, mentorships & field experiences.
Powered by Rapunzl Investments & Dreams For Kids
Simulated Competitions Provide Real-World Learning Which Allows Students To See Themselves Thriving In Financial Services
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Let's Inspire The Next Generation Of Financial Leaders
High school students, college students & educators across the country already rely upon Dreams For Kids for scholarship competitions and financial education curriculum.
Join us to help provide scholarship prizes & free teacher training as we continue providing financial literacy programs to communities of color.
* 81% of participating students identify as Black or LatinX & 83% of participating schools are located in low-to-middle income communities.
We are hosting a national investment competition for all high school & college students.
In order to promote financial education & equitable access to financial markets, we are making our entire Finance Curriculum free for all teachers & professors nationwide.

Students will simulate portfolios, learn about the stock market, and apply what they're learning as they compete for scholarships.
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We Need To Think Bigger With Financial Education
Since the start of this year, we have been speaking with college students, professors, investment clubs & high school teachers across the country. This Fall, we plan to host a simulated investment competition on the Rapunzl platform with over $100,000 in scholarship prizes and expect over:
Participating High Schools
Colleges & Universities
Projected Students
Help us connect thousands of high school and colleges students with the stock market by providing access to scholarship opportunities & free financial literacy training programs for educators.
Provide top performing students with access to scholarships that will make their dreams reality. Scholarship prizes help enhance student engagement and provide an opportunity for students to earn while they learn.
Teacher Training
Offer teachers free teacher training and provide financial educators across the country with access to engaging curriculum & real-time digital learning tools in order to continue growing our impact each year.
National Exposure
Support financial education & help bridge communities by empowering a broader pool of diverse talent to strive for financial services careers. This helps expose students to all of the career opportunities that await them.
We are grateful for the support of those who believe in providing equitable opportunities for our nation's youth

Learn More About
Dreams For Kids
Dreams For Kids operates a high school, GCE Lab School, allows students to participate in weekly field experiences, guest workshops, and case studies with professionals to embrace the inspiration and practicality of real-world learning.
Students are challenged to question assumptions about the world, discuss practicalities and possibilities in the workplace, and experience a wide range of jobs and career prospects.

How Rapunzl Helps
Dreams For Kids
Rapunzl's platform provides an immersive introduction to the world of finance. Rapunzl works closely with Dreams For Kids to integrate & refine an engaging financial education curriculum that contextualizes investing & the stock market.
Together, we provide experiential learning opportunities through internships, mentorships & immersive competitions that will inspire students of color to pursue careers in financial services.
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