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The Most Realistic Crypto Simulator In The Galaxy

Join the Rapunzl community to earn while you learn about crypto and become a part of the largest simulated crypto investing game in the world with real-time market data and zero commission trading.
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Curious about investing in crypto but afraid to risk real money? Perhaps you’re an expert eager to try new strategies.

Join Rapunzl and create a $10,000 crypto portfolio, absolutely free, and start competing with thousands of investors for prizes every day!
24/7 Prizes
It’s one thing to have the fastest and most reliable crypto simulator in the world. It’s another to give away prizes every day, week, month and year!

We believe in allowing our community to earn prizes while competing in a risk-free environment, providing a perfect space for beginners and experts alike.

Join our Daily Pick 5 Challenge and experience a 24-hour trading challenge today, and tomorrow.
We’ve Got The Coins
Whether you are a new or expert crypto trader, Rapunzl is simple and intuitive to start trading.

With 31 available cryptocurrencies and price updates streaming in real-time, we provide an unmatched trading simulation for even the most sophisticated of investors.

Come trade your favorites like Bitcoin and Ether before learning about what makes a cryptocurrency valuable and exploring alt coins such as Polkadot, Dogecoin, and many more!
And They’re Fast Too…
All pricing data is streamed directly from the Coinbase exchange in real-time, providing unparalleled access to crypto markets.

Prices update with data feeds that stream directly to your phone and there are no transaction fees for every trade you place. Everything is free and designed to help you experience the most realistic trading experience possible.
What Sets Rapunzl Apart
Ridiculously Fast Data
Real-time data streaming from live crypto exchanges provides Rapunzl with incredibly fast and accurate pricing data.
Daily Crypto Contests
Pick 5 competitions allow you to win prizes picking 5 cryptos and their price movement for the following 24 hours.
Expert Trade Tools
Set limit, stop, stop-loss and take profit orders to manage your portfolio’s risk without constantly checking crypto markets.
Crypto Learning Portal
Access leading industry education tools to better understand crypto prices and what’s driving market movements.
Monthly Competitions
Longer-term trading challenges provide another opportunity to earn prizes while refining your crypto trading strategies.
Access & Support
Rapunzl provides 24/7 email support and works with a dedicated team of support staff to help resolve any issues you encounter.
Crypto Cashouts
Cash out your Rapunzl prizes directly into crypto and deposit your winnings into your wallet for a safe, secure, and seamless process to redeem your prizes.

Our developers are hard at work to move Rapunzl’s competition payouts from a traditional database structure to blockchain protocols.

We’re always looking for new members of our team, so if you’re interested in building a platform that helps newcomers become acclimated to the world of crypto investing, please reach out!
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