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How do Rapunzl Competitions Work?
It’s actually pretty simple. Create a free Rapunzl account using your school email. We’ll send you an email verifying your account and then you’re all set! We give you $10,000 to buy and sell stocks using near real-time data. The top performing portfolios for the competition time period win prizes!
What's The Catch?
There’s no catch! Rapunzl does not collect personally identifiable information on students or any Rapunzl users for that matter. We strongly believe that people should earn while they learn to invest and that our investment competitions will create a new way for young investors to enter the world of investing.
And I Don't Have To Pay?
Absolutely not! In fact, if you had to pay, the competition wouldn’t be legal. Competing in Rapunzl’s competitions is, and always will be, free. Although Rapunzl Gold enhances the competition experience with advanced analytics, chart overlays, and technical indicators, purchasing of Rapunzl Coins or a Rapunzl Gold subscription does not increase your chances of winning in any of Rapunzl’s competitions.
How Can I Win Scholarship Prizes?
Rapunzl's scholarship competitions work a little differently. Together with Global Learning Labs, we have partnered to form The Destiny Project, a 501(c)3 partnership that's hosting 5 exciting competitions during the 2020-2021 Academic Year in Chicago, LA and New York City!

These competitions are sponsored by some of the leading financial firms, so the stakes are higher. Not only are there smaller scholarship prizes for the top portfolios, but the students who submit the best Portfolio Defense Essay also win scholarships! What's more? They can then join The Destiny Project's Financial Scholar Program and earn an internship on Wall Street!

To learn more about The Destiny Project & our internship program, contact Rapunzl or UrbanX Learning.
Competition Winnings
Ready to compete?
Joining is free and everyone could use practice, even if they aren't eligible for scholarships. Especially with cash competitions around the corner!