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$20,000 in prizes
Free to enter
Free to download, trade, and compete
with a simulated portfolio!
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How does the simulated
investment competition work?

We give you $10,000 in virtual money so you can earn while you learn with simulated portfolios and cash prizes.
You help your school climb the leaderboard and compete against friends for bragging rights around campus!
Rapunzl gets you national exposure to many of the country's top financial institutions to help with job opportunities.

What can I win from this
free investment competition

Cash, tickets, and exciting experiences.
$20,000 in scholarship prizes from our sponsors.
Internships with top financial institutions.
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Are you an educator that wants to bring Rapunzl to your classroom?

We'd love to send some financial literacy resources to help students learn the stock market!

Want to read the
rules & guidelines?

We promise you'll have more fun competing on one of our social investing competitions, but if you really want to read some rules, enjoy!

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