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Rapunzl Referral Program

We'll reward you for the first 250 people who use your referral code which means yes, you can earn up to $250 just by sharing Rapunzl!
Referral Code can be found by tapping the Share Button on the Rapunzl App's Menu Screen
Your unique 8 digit referral code allows you to earn as you share Rapunzl with friends, family, and everyone else.
Just share your referral code with a friend and when they download the app and place their first trade, we'll give each of you $1 in actual prize winnings!
In addition to our Refer-A-Friend Program where you can earn up to $250, we also offer special affiliate programs for individuals who can help us achieve our goal of increasing equitable access to financial education tools.
Our ambassador program allows certain individuals to earn more for each new user they refer. We provide higher payments to educators who fund in-class prizes and work with influencers with an active social following.
Don’t feel like you fit any of these categories? We’d still love to hear from you because we’re always eager to connect with individuals who want to help spread the word and grow our competitions!
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Why Become
A Campus Ambassador?
Additional Income
Earn up to 3 times the standard referral fee with cash bonuses, free swag, and monthly stipends
Resume Building
Work closely with a startup to gain recommendation letters & experience while helping friends earn free prizes.
Career Exposure
Ambassadors are invited to exclusive partner events with mentor, internship & job opportunities.
Chance To Win!
The Top 100 Ambassadors over the course of year will be entered into a raffle to win $5,000.
Become Ambassador
Ambassador Level System
Rapunzl's Ambassador Program employs a tiered compensation system based on the number of new accounts that an Ambassador has achieved over their lifetime as an Ambassador.

Top Ambassadors are not only rewarded with increased payout rewards, but also Rapunzl Swag, letters of recommendation, social shout-out's, and options to interview for internships and job opportunities with Rapunzl's partner firms.

Payout mutlipliers are paid out to Ambassadors on the last Monday of each month and make it such that top Ambassadors can earn $3.50 for every new account that joins Rapunzl, with no limit on how many rewards you can earn!
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Ambassador FAQ
What Are Rapunzl Ambassadors?
Rapunzl Ambassadors are paid to bring awareness to Rapunzl's free investment competitions with cash & scholarship prizes. As Ambassadors attract more users and increase the number of downloads, the amount they earn for each new account will also increase according to Rapunzl's Tiered Ambassador Program.

Ambassadors are expected to engage on social media to publicize Rapunzl's Competitions and share content in order to attact at least 50 new accounts per month. This growth can be achieved by sharing with an existing network or reaching out to groups that may potentially be interested in using the Rapunzl App.
How Are Ambassadors Paid?
Ambassadors are paid their ordinary $1 referral fees directly through the app by providing their bank account details and may cash out these rewards at any time.

Additional Referral Rewards resulting from Rapunzl's Tiered Ambassador Program will be paid to Ambassadors on the last Monday of each month via PayPal or ACH Wire Transfer, depending upon an Ambassador's preference.
Can I Earn By Referring New Ambassadors?
Yes! If you have friends at other schools who you think would be a great addition to Rapunzl's Ambassador Program, we'd love to hear from them!

We'll actually pay you $150 for every new Ambassador who joins and stays with the Rapunzl Program for 3 months. All the future ambassador must do is include your name or referral code when they apply to Rapunzl's Ambassador Program using the form on this page.
Can International Students Participate In The Program?
International students may participate in Rapunzl’s Ambassador Program if they are currently studying in the US on a F-1 or J-1 Visa, provided that they have completed one academic year of studies.

If you are interested, please fill out an application form and note that you are an international student. Rapunzl will then contact you directly regarding required paperwork that must be authorized by your academic institution.
Can I Get Free Rapunzl Swag?
Absolutely! One of the perks of being a Rapunzl Ambassador is all of the Rapunzl gear. When you are accepted into our Ambassador Program, we'll provide you with $50 in Rapunzl Merch Credit with the ability to earn more as you climb Rapunzl's Ambassador Tiers.

But wait, there's more. If you encounter peers interested in rocking any Rapunzl gear, you can provide them with that same 25% discount code and receive 15% of any sales that are made, creating another opportunity to earn while spreading the word about Rapunzl's competitions.
What Supporting Marketing Materials Does Rapunzl Provide?
As a Rapunzl Ambassador, you may request Rapunzl swag, flyers, and giveaways to support any events you would like to host. Once you achieve your first 100 downloads, we'll definitely be sending you some Rapunzl Swag and will continue to send similar care packages as you reach higher Ambassador Tiers.

The Rapunzl team is also more than happy to do any speaking engagements and promote your referral code to individuals attending the virtual or in-person event, which can help attract a large number of new users without the Ambassador dedicating a lot of time to individual users.
What Is An Ambassador's Expected Time Commitment?
Rapunzl Ambassadors have the flexibility to dedicate as much or as little time as they choose! We expect our Ambassadors to help grow Rapunzl by encouraging new users to sign-up and join the competition for free prizes, but how you accomplish that goal is up to you.

We recognize that everyone is incredibly busy, which is why we wanted to create a program that can fit within any Ambassador's schedule and still allow them to earn while spreading the word!
How Do I Get Started As An Ambassador?
Joining Rapunzl's Referral Program is as simple as creating a free Rapunzl account and sharing your referral code with friends! In order to become a Rapunzl Ambassador, you must complete the application form and submit your answers to Rapunzl. Our team will review your application and be in touch within 3-5 business days regarding the status of your application and next steps.

If you are accepted into Rapunzl's Ambassador Program, we will invite you to join Rapunzl's Slack Channel where we host bi-weekly meetings with the Rapunzl Team to help collaborate and support our Ambassadors.