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Earning money while learning about money...

Introducing Rapunzl

Our founders met freshman year of high school and remained friends as they pursued jobs in finance until one day they realized the disparity of financial literacy across their friend groups.

They saw the high returns of Wall Street trapped in an ivory tower away from the ordinary investor. They decided to form a collaborative investing platform to help ordinary investors find extraordinary opportunity in each other and themselves.

With that decision, Rapunzl was born

TOO MANY people

are never exposed to the stock market and the huge returns that come from investing

We want to change that

We created Rapunzl to let everyone profit from the stock market. Earn while you learn, compete against friends, and the best part? It's totally free.

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Our Team

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Brian Curcio
CEO & Co-Founder
Myles Gage
COO & Co-Founder
Jake Stephano-Shachter
Director of Marketing
Brendan Sir
Business Development
Nik Ranieri
Business Development