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Our competitions provide opportunities to test investing strategies & win prizes with zero-risk - absolutely free!
Brian and Myles met freshman year of high school & became friends talking about stocks. Over time, they realized that ordinary investors have paid a price to learn to invest; and that price typically was real money ending up in Wall Street’s pocket. Rapunzl was founded to provide an unparalleled investing education through fun (and free) investment competitions with scholarship and cash prizes.
why rapunzl?
Why Rapunzl?
People often view the world of finance & high-returns of Wall Street as trapped in an Ivory Tower - inaccessible and out of reach for most.

We watch movies about Wall Street which idolize the complex jobs of bankers and this creates a fear that deters many from taking charge of their financial futures.

Rapunzl’s free competitions provide everyone with an opportunity to learn how to invest; and by doing so, we are rolling down the hair which allows everyone to climb to financial success.

Because the stock market is made up of thousands of companies we purchase from everyday. And if we understand enough about a company to buy their product, we deserve to understand enough about investing to share in that company’s growth.


Chief Marketing Officer
Graduated from University of Illinois with a degree in Finance in 2016. Handles non-profit partnerships, education development, and company marketing initiatives.
Chief Executive Officer
Graduated from Amherst College in 2017 after majoring in Mathematics. Oversees product development & growth initiatives centered around creating a seamless user experience.
Chief Technology Officer
Developed the first browser-based commodites order entry platform in 1998. Served as CTO at Stafford Trading which was acquired by TD Securites & currently develops Rapunzl’s entire technology infrastructure.

Change the world of finance
The financial system is broken for ordinary investors because it fails to be inclusive, educational, and engaging for ordinary people. Rapunzl’s team of developers & creatives is changing the way we learn how to invest.

Join us and let’s change the face of finance.
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